Women, Spirit & Power – Testimonials

“Women, Spirit and Power was a powerful experience, a chance to blend skills training and connection to an amazing community of leaders and teachers and now great friends. We left relaxed, reinvigorated by the beautiful resort and totally inspired for our journey ahead. I’m so glad I was there!”
-Emma Ruby-Sachs, Deputy Director of Avaaz

“I expected to come away from this retreat refreshed and with some new tools and connections to empower my personal and professional path. I definitely got all of that. What I didn’t anticipate, in addition, were the profound inner shifts I experienced in the safe, supportive, and charged atmosphere co-created by 22 powerful and amazing women. I learned so much from everyone there. The insights I received will stay with me for a lifetime.”
-Barbara Taylor, Communictions Specialist

“This retreat was beyond my expectations – it changed my life for the better both on a personal and professional level. Thank you!”
-Yasmeen Hassan, Executive Director of Equality Now

“I am utterly grateful for the impact that the retreat has on my work/personal/community self. Having participated in several leadership trainings over the years- I was a bit skeptical given the short/weeklong timeframe and global span- but it really worked! Fiercely shared and led!”
-Michelle Coffey, Executive Director of Lambent Foundation