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Judith Ansara, Retreat Design and Facilitator

Judith has served as a teacher, consultant, and coach for over 30 years in her commitment to foster a conscious, just and sustainable world.

As a social change artist, Judith was co-founder & trainer of the Peacemaker Institute’s year-long training for social change activists on the inner and outer arts of peacemaking, leadership and social action. One of the original trainers of the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Art of Leadership, Judith offers women’s leadership retreats, coaches activist leaders and facilitates transformational trainings for aligned organizations.

Coaching and organizational clients have included: Equality Now, Global Fund for Women, WITNESS, Avaaz, UNICEF, Search for Common Ground, The Center for Community Change (CCC), Just Vision, City of Boulder, Spitfire Strategies, Transitions Global (trafficking), Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Young Women’s Leadership Intitute (Kenya), Frack Free Boulder/Colorado and

In addition, Judith has taught transpersonal psychology at Naropa University and strategic communications at the University of Massachusetts. She has been a long-time faculty at centers like Omega, Hollyhock and Esalen, offering programs ranging from women’s leadership to transformational coaching. She also leads retreats for couples with her husband Robert Gass. Judith is a writer, dancer, long-term student and teacher of yoga and meditation and delighted grandmother of two beautiful boys.

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Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, Co-Host

Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm - Headshot

Yvette Aberdingk Thijm is the Executive Director of WITNESS, a global human rights organization that supports activists to use video to expose the truth and document abuses safely, ethically, and effectively to create human rights change.  Yvette envisions a citizen-driven human rights movement and collaborations between media, technology and human rights stakeholders to create social change. Before leading WITNESS, Yvette worked globally in start-ups and established companies in media and new technologies. She is a member of the Boards of the Foundation Center (a leader in philanthropy data), (a movement for global digital freedom), and @MideastYouth (a creator of powerful platforms that amplify voices of dissent).