Robert Gass EdD

Robert Gass is internationally-recognized for pioneering work in training and coaching leaders, organizational transformation, and human development for over 30 years. Holding a doctorate in Organizational and Clinical Psychology from Harvard University, his work synthesizes an unusually diverse background in social change, humanistic psychology, organizational behavior, business, music and spiritual studies.

Robert is the former President of ARC International, a global consulting and training company specializing in transformational change with Fortune 500 companies. As an organizational consultant, he has worked at the most senior levels with corporations such as Chase Bank, General Motors, Pillsbury, Textron, Motorola and The Gap. Robert has for many years served as executive coach to well-known business, non-profit, spiritual and political leaders.

With his wife, Judith Ansara, Robert offers seminars leadership on the art of relationship, leadership and spirituality at universities, educational centers and conferences around the world including the Conference Board, the American Academy of Psychotherapy, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (China), Omega Institute, Esalen, Brown University, Auroville (India) the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.N. Peace University in Costa Rica.

Also a highly-regarded composer, performer and recording artist, Robert has released 20 albums of music to uplift the human spirit with his renowned singing group, On Wings of Song. Founder of the successful label, Spring Hill Music, his musical career spans classical, rock and sacred chant. His chant CDs have sold over 600,000 copies, and his recording of Om Namaha Shivaya was hailed as “one of the twenty most influential recordings of the last twenty years.”

Robert’s current work focuses on leadership development and movement building for Progressive social change. Designer of the popular Rockwood Art of Leadership trainings, he has trained environmental, social justice, and human rights leaders across North America in the inner and outer arts of leadership. Robert was the former Board Chair of Greenpeace, and coaches and consults to leaders and organizations such as the NAACP, Sierra Club, MS Foundation, Green for All, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Reform Immigration for America (RIFA), the Democracy Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Center for Community Change (CCC), Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection,, leaders in the Obama administration, and the U.S. Senate Chiefs of Staff.

Robert lives in Boulder, Co, and has raised three children with his life partner of 42 years, Judith Ansara.