Judith Ansara, MSW LCSW

Judith has served as a teacher, consultant, and coach for over 35 years in her commitment to foster a conscious, just and sustainable world.

As a social change artist, Judith was co-founder of The Peacemaker Institute trainings with colleague Fleet Maull. These trainings are dedicated to teaching participants in the inner and outer arts of peacemaking and social action.

A former facilitator for the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s The Art of Leadership trainings, she has facilitated organizations and leaders including Search for Common Ground, Center for Community Change, Global Fund for Women, Avaaz, Witness, Just Vision, Spitfire Strategies, UNICEF, the University of Colorado and the City of Boulder.

Judith has taught Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University and Strategic Communications at the University of Massachusetts. She has been a long-time faculty at centers like Omega, Hollyhock and Esalen – offering programs ranging from women’s leadership to transformational coaching – and currently serves as curriculum advisor to The Omega Women’s Leadership Institute.

With her husband of 40 years, Robert Gass, she leads retreats for committed couples throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Judith brings to her work decades of spiritual study and practice, and she serves as a mentor to advanced students. She has pioneered an ecumenical approach to integrating spiritual principles into daily life in a way that is inclusive and respectful of all people, all beliefs and orientations. Judith is a Yoga practitioner & teacher, improvisational dancer, writer, artist, Mother and Grandmother.

Her love of life is contagious!