Which Retreat is for Us?

Sharing the Path is open to all couples – from folks in great places seeking further deepening and enrichment… to those in need of deep healing or even in crisis. The workshop magically works beautifully for this full range of needs. In this workshop we teach what we would call our foundational skills. authenticity, self-responsibility, empathy, appropriate boundaries, sacred sexuality, deep listening and effective problem solving.

About 50% of those coming to Mexico have previously been to Sharing the Path. Although having worked with us before is not a requirement, Deepening in Love is an advanced program by application only, and we screen couples according to specific criteria. People must be in a loving, good place with each other, with unquestioned commitment to each other, wanting enrichment, and a deeper spiritual connection and context for their relationship. In the retreat, you will explore what you want for the next cycle of your relations, culminating in a beautiful re-commitment ceremony in which you exchange new vows.

Deepening in Love is less skill-oriented than Sharing the Path and works from an assumption that folks have good basic skills in place. There is less attention and staff support for the healing work that is often part of our Sharing the Path retreats.

The Mexico retreat is a full day longer, and has more unstructured time built in to enjoy the magic and beauty of ocean, sand and sun. We understand that the Mexico retreat may sound very appealing, and we would ask that you assess mindfully which retreat might best serve your needs as a couple.