“Who could imagine that so much love, fun, profundity and transformation could be packed into one week!  As a same-sex couple, we felt both safe and celebrated in this very inclusive space that Judith and Robert created.. We are still glowing weeks after..and humbled by the privilege of being part of working with them.”
-ES & JK,  Toronto Canada

“The best event we have ever attended in our 30 year marriage! It reinvigorated us in love, intimacy and joy. Thank you for giving us our life back. Even more amazing is that we continue to improve week by week by using the tools and wisdom you shared with us. Forever grateful.”
-NH & RH Nevada City, CA

“I fell in love with life again, and fell in love again with my wife. This was absolutely a turning point in our lives. Thank you — I am so grateful.”
– JS Tampa, FL

“We took your workshop very early in our relationship, and it has proven to be the best thing we could have done. We continue to practice the new tools we learned and they have enabled our life together to flourish. Thank you for the life altering experience that has continued for years, and has steered us onto a rewarding life path together.”
-BA & BL Vancouver, BC

“We reached a level of intimacy beyond anything in our 20 years together.”
-R & M Windsor, ON

“I cannot put into words what your work has meant to us and how incredibly hopeful we are for our future together. Your compassion, wisdom, experience and kindness have helped us to begin to restore a love we found and temporarily lost. We—and our children—will be forever grateful.”
-MS& RS Cleveland, OH

“We received all that we needed to keep our marriage healthy and strong. We’re have a new sense of possibility, a greater sense of lightness, and a renewed sense of the sacredness and the power of our connection with one another.”
-SLE Philadelphia, PA

“This retreat not only saved our relationship, but it took us to a level we couldn’t have dreamed of.”
-S & J M Washington, DC

“The skills you taught us will continue to enrich our lives for the remainder of our years. Your openness, professionalism, dedication, caring and fun-loving spirits did so much to create an atmosphere of trust and accountability. For that we thank you – although words are not enough.”
-S & K New York

“This retreat, facilitated so lovingly by a couple with 45 years of experience living deeply in relationship was perfect for us to celebrate and re-commit after 30 years of being together. It breathed new life into some dusty corners that needed attention and clarified and reaffirmed what we love about each other Thank you.”
-DS, Asheville, NC

“One of the most rewarding and expanding weeks I’ve ever spent.”
-NS, Philadelphia, PA

“This retreat gave us the practical tools, guidance and support we needed to jumpstart a new and renewed chapter in our love and our life. Thank you for this incredible gift.”
Tk & BA, Bloomington, IN

“Deepening in Love is an experience I wish every committed couple could enjoy. Judith and Robert illuminate the art and science of partnership — values-based living, triggers, communication, romance, sex — in a powerful yet playful way. What we learned that week is paying off 100-fold.”
-M Brooklyn, NY

“Judith and Robert offered my partner and I the most meaningful and useful gift that we have every received: the opportunity to fulfill our deepest yearnings for love, and to renew our sacred commitment to ourselves and each other — all in a romantic paradise.”
– RB & PB Edmonton, AL

“If you can possibly give yourselves the treat of a couples retreat with Judith and Robert, just do it. As well as being such a happy, warm, productive time together on retreat, the benefits we took home of increased intimacy have made the rest of life so much sweeter.”
-MS, Philadelphia, PA

“My husband and I had been stuck for some years in a negative cycle with each other. But since our retreat, we’re now able to see each other differently—we’ve found empathy from our hearts for our “beloved”. Since coming home it’s as if we are in a brand new marriage! We’re lighter, more giving, present and generous with each other, plus we have a shared language and experience. It was a life-changing.”
-AM, San Francisco, CA

“Our retreat with you was simply the best thing we could ever have done. We are feeling so resilient as a couple, and our families are reaping the rewards of our happiness.”
-BL Victoria, BC

“The workshop far exceeded my expectations. I truly believe that the energy, knowledge and skills we learned in this workshop will transform our relationship and our daily lives. Judith’s and Robert’s love and compassion for others is so visible and their honesty and willing to share their own experiences invaluable and refreshing.”
-LDW San Jose, CA

“By far the most important personal growth and experience I’ve had in my life. Everything about this program was remarkable. I feel saved and freed to live my life and show up in marriage the way I want to. This was absolutely a turning point for me. I feel exceedingly grateful for this opportunity.”
-RM Syracuse, NY

“We have experienced changes in our marriage which I had tried and hoped for for years. It has been a miracle! After 30 years together, we now treat each other more lovingly, with more understanding and respect and laughter.”
-J.M. Short Hills, N.J.

“Thank you both, from the bottom of our hearts. We could not have done anything better for our marriage, our family and ourselves than to come to your workshop. We continue to reap the benefits every day of our lives.”
-BH & CH Boston

“Things feel very different now. I am turning towards my beloved, not away. The old fears seem to be gone. I looked at her this morning as she worked in the living room and saw her…as if for the first time…with a freshness and openness that I have never experienced before. We know that we are entering sacred ground together. What a gift!”
-JS Tampa, FL

“We came to you, dealing with a marriage-threatening issue which neither of us knew how to cope with, frightened over, and unable to even discuss. By the end of the weekend, thanks to your guidance, we were able to comfortably discuss, in a loving, supportive and positive way, all of our fears, frustrations, and feelings. This has now become a daily part of our lives.”
-M & S, San Francisco

“The retreat we attended years ago introduced a depth and truthfulness that has not only remained a powerful and positive foundation for our relationship, but been extended to our entire family. Thank you for this gift.”
-B & C Massachusetts

“We experienced a profound renewal at you retreat. You did such an amazing job of meeting each individual/couple just where we were and giving us just what we needed. Years later we continue to be nourished by our work with you.”
-M&D Vancouver

“What Judith and Robert have accomplished in their work has brought
renewed spark into our 25-year relationship. We were guided with safe and secure hands on the wheel as our craft headed for new shores. Thank you for your love and inspiration!”
-JN & DU Seattle, WA

“I fell in love with life again….I am the happiest and most optimistic about my life and my life with my husband than I have ever been. I am eternally grateful for the experience facilitated by Robert and Judith.”
-DJM Calgary, AB

“My husband had never done anything like this before, and was a bit resistant to coming. But it was truly transforming for both individually, and as a couple! There are no words to accurately convey our gratitude…but many, many thanks!”
-Toronto, ON

“This was a wonderfully powerfully and juicy retreat for couples who really and truly want more depth, magic and sensual passion in their relationship.”
-E & B W, Vancouver

“An amazing opportunity for couples to rekindle that spark that which first brought them together.”
-JH San Francisco

“Their work covers all the dimensions of body, mind, heart, and spirit. They create a fearless and ecstatic container for plumbing the depths and expanding the actualization of love and joy. One of the greatest gifts we’ve ever given ourselves.”
-JS & MK

“The depth of this experiential learning was profound. I learned in a deeper way to pay attention to my partner and to be kind and generous to her. The reward in increased quality of our lives has been instant and huge. The work we did at the workshop has launched a paradigm shift toward a more sustainable and loving life.”
-AJ & WR Phoenix, AZ

“Renowned leaders in the field of personal growth, leadership coaching, and peacemaking, Robert and Judith have evolved the fine art of balancing their individual lives with their life as a couple. I’ve watched them raise three children together, create community, nurture friendships, and flourish in their careers. Their relationship workshops are magical because they are authentic, alive, and personal. They are a gift to the world.”
-Joan Borysenko, PhD bestselling author and expert in MindBody Medicine