Loving Awake

Loving Awake: A Retreat for Couples

Mar de Jade, Mexico, Chacala, CORRECTED DATES: February 29-March 7, 2020

A retreat for committed couples called to deepen the roots of their lives and relationship in inner work and contemplative practice.

Loving Awake is a new offering emerging from the deeper integration of our own individual and relational life with our contemplative study and practice. With 50 years of partnership behind us, we find ourselves infused with love, acceptance, grace and purpose as our practice continues to unfold.

We invite you to share a week with your beloved to deepen in love while building pathways that integrate the individual, relational and spiritual expressions of your life.

If you are interested in this retreat or for further information write: programs@sacredunion.com.

During our time together you will be supported to:

  • Learn to welcome and work with the challenges in your relationship as doorways into awakening rather than obstacles or distractions.
  • Evoke greater love, compassion and kindness.
  • Learn relational practices that help free you and your partner from unhealthy relational patterning. (vs. managing their impact).
  • Learn how to harness the power of your relational field to deepen and empower your spiritual connection and practice.
  • Explore the sacredness of your sensual connection.
  • Dance, be in silence, chant, celebrate and commune with the beauty and power of the natural world.

This retreat is by application only. It is intended for couples who
have done significant previous personal and relational work.
While none of us are free from uncomfortable relational dynamics, you:

  • Fundamentally like, love, respect and enjoy your partner (not that they don’t still sometimes drive you crazyJ)
  • Have a good track record of dealing skillfully with relational issues
  • Practice self-responsibility for your triggers and your impact (most of the time)
  • When you get off track, you recover quickly
  • You both have committed meditation practices that are valued parts of your lives.

We consider this retreat a next step for couples who have worked with us before, but others who feel these criteria are a good fit, are encouraged to apply.

What to Expect:

  1. The retreat will be held at a beautiful ocean-side, spiritually- oriented retreat center . We have been teaching at Mar de Jade for 15 years and love everything about it and our participants always feel the same.
  2. Our work is primarily experiential woven with some teaching and dialogue.
  3. Our schedule will involve approximately 6 hours a day of class time. Most of the time will be 1-1 with your partner, along with some solo practices and occasional small group sessions when this supports our purpose.
  4. We will offer practices for you to do outside of class time, such as spending some time in silence, shared meditations and sensual “home play”.
  5. There will be lots of open, unscheduled time every day for you to enjoy each other in this beautiful place.
  6. There will be several optional excursions including hikes, whale-watching and a traditional sweat lodge ceremony.


Tuition is sliding scale from $1200-$2200 per couple. Rates for rooms (including all meals) range from $300-330 per couple per night (including all meals and taxes).  The rooms vary significantly, so be sure to discuss your needs and preferences with Mar de Jade (e.g. king or queen bed, etc.)  Do familiarize yourself with their refund policy. Upon acceptance to the retreat, please do reserve rooms early as Mar de Jade is heavily booked during February.

This year we are experimenting with a self-selected sliding scale to facilitate being able to offer lower rates to those who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Please choose your level of tuition. All prices are per couple.

  • $2200.00   (for those willing to pay extra to support those with lower income to attend)
  • $1860.00   (tuition)
  • $1200.00   (for those who need a lower fee in order to attend; limited # of spots available)

If you are interested in this retreat or for further information write: programs@sacredunion.com.