Transformational Coaching

Become the artist of your own life!

Leadership Coaching

While Judith works with everyone negotiating life transitions, and wishing inner and outer development, she has a special interest and practice in supporting leaders who are committed to being of benefit to others and in the world.

With over 35 years experience as a psychotherapist, coach, organizational consultant and teacher of consciousness, Judith is a master midwife to help you birth your highest capacities, visions and goals.

Your transformational coaching sessions will help you:

  • Learn to access and create stability in your own wisdom,
    intuition and power
  • Clarify what you want to create in your life and bring
    these dreams into form.
  • Strengthen your management, leadership and organizational capacity
  • Move through inner and outer obstacles
  • Learn how to create more effective and satisfying relationships
  • Create balance and ease in all aspects of your life
  • Live a life you are happy to be living

Coaching is conducted via phone and email.
In person sessions and private retreats are also an option in Boulder, CO.

Transformational coaching focuses on the present and the desired future rather than on the past. Relaxing the grip of self-limiting beliefs and the stories we tell about ourselves and what’s possible, we discover and affirm the core of sense of purpose and creativity which burns in each of us. We learn to meet apparent obstacles with compassion and turn them into fuel for our awakening and empowerment.

This work is for the mature person who is ready to give up blame and powerlessness and to take responsibility for their own experience and the results they create. Transformational coaching trains you to rest into the present moment and access your deep inner wisdom. You will learn to live and move from the inside out, from your authentic nature, rather than from ideas and images of who you should be. This work is both spiritual and eminently practical. Targeted assignments and practices will help you keep the work moving towards your inner and outer goals between sessions.