Transformational Coaching

Become the artist of your own life!

Transformational Coaching & Mentoring

While Judith works with everyone negotiating life transitions, and wishing inner and outer development, she has a special interest and practice in supporting leaders who are committed to being of benefit to others and in the world.


With over 35 years experience as a psychotherapist, coach, organizational consultant and teacher of consciousness, Judith is a master midwife available to work with those working to create a just and sustainable world.

This work is for the mature person who is ready to give up blame and powerlessness and take responsibility for their own experience and the results they create.

Leaders, educators, organizers, artists, entrepreneurs are supported, challenged and inspired to clarify and strengthen their capacities while also creating a personal life that sustains them. Those in transition and contemplating their next steps are also welcome.

Transformational coaching focuses on the present and the desired future rather than on the past. While acknowledging the impact and influence of our history, habits and the conditions of our lives, we learn to relax the grip of self-limiting beliefs and the stories we tell about ourselves and what’s possible. We discover and affirm the core of sense of purpose and creativity that burns in each of us. We learn to self-regulate our mind, emotions and energy and live from a calm and clear center.

While person is unique and the coaching process is flexible and geared to your particular needs, here are some of the benefits you can expect:.

  • Deepen and align to your sense of purpose and vision for this stage of your life
  • Cultivate greater power to turn your visions into reality
  • Gain skill in meeting both inner and outer obstacles with effectiveness and equanimity
  • Strengthen your ability to effectively lead and manage others
  • More consistent access to your intuition–your own inner wisdom guidance system
  • Learn to turn apparent obstacles into fuel for your awakening and empowerment
  • Develop emotional and mental stability and clarity as your internal base of operations
  • Learn how to create satisfying win-win relationships
  • Create balance and ease in all aspects of your life
  • Live a life you are happy to be living

This work is both spiritual and eminently practical. Targeted assignments and practices will help you keep the work moving towards your inner and outer goals between sessions.

Coaching is conducted via phone or video conference.
In person sessions and private retreats are also an option in Boulder, CO.

Judith works with a small number of committed clients. If you are interested in coaching, please write a few paragraphs about yourself and what you are looking for and link to your bio or other description of the work you are or have been engaged in. Send to

About Judith Ansara, MSW

“One of Judith’s many special gifts is to use her insight, empathy, gentleness, good humor and toughness of mind, to help us muster the courage to step clearly across the bridge from our past and into our power and our life.” – JB, organizational consultant & executive coach

“Judith has a sixth, seventh and eighth sense about people, their needs, desires, fears and strengths. I’ll often find myself presenting a difficult and complicated problem to her and leaving with a simple, honest, and powerful solution. Time and time again she points me towards authenticity, trust and leadership grounded in the mission I serve everyday.” – ERS Deputy Director, Avaaz

“Judith operates with an unusual blend of spiritual acumen, humor, and warm directness. Both kind and challenging, she is committed to drawing out your own wisdom and understanding. Her keen intuition moves to the heart of the matter at hand surfacing what lies outside your awareness. Judith’s deep commitment to support people who are moved by a sense of social mission, make her a rare find for a long-term community organizer like myself. My work with her has made me a wiser and more effective leader.” – GS, Senior Community Organizer and Trainer CCC